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Girls Rule, Too: Week 3: Does the African-American Community Carry Burdens From Their Ancestors?

Girls Rule, Too: Week 3: Does the African-American Community Carry Burdens From Their Ancestors?

Have you ever heard of generational curses? If you haven’t, you can read more about them here. These curses can be deeply rooted in families, especially in the African American community.

About 2 weeks ago, it was World Mental Health Day. A day which is celebrated for people who have/will come forward in seeking help with their mental illnesses which has inhibited them from normal, day to day activities.

Last month, Revolt posted a video on their Instagram where Triple Threat, Keke Palmer, discusses the perpetuated burden and agony that she strongly feels she carries because of what her (or our) ancestors experienced as slaves.

Like Palmer, generational curses can closely be related to mental illnesses (anxiety, depression) that have been passed down through families, hereditarily. And to be quite honest, many African Americans don't discuss these issues.

As Keke Palmer continues to defy odds and break the generational cures in her own family – her statement was much needed and accepted.

Women (or if you’re a man reading this, you too), go get help. You’re not stupid, you’re not crazy, or a maniac just because you want more for yourself and you want to see yourself in a better, happier place. You do not and should not apologize for that.

You can receive more information about Mental Health Issues here. If you are a Houstonian, you can find out more information here.
Good luck and be well!

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