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I'm Me Tour

Why Does JJ's I'm Me Tour Exist?

Watch & See

Want to know how JJ's I'm Me Tour got started? Check out this short film produced by Folklore Films explaining what inspired JJ to create the tour and what takes place during each tour date!

What's It About?

An empowering experience for girls! JJ’s I’m Me Tour is designed to give young ladies the tools they need to challenge themselves in all areas of their lives! Sessions on Health/Fitness, Beauty/Style, Goal Setting, Etiquette and more!

The last visit is JJ’s I’m Me Tour WRAP UP! – JJ gives final remarks including a empowering message about how important these girls are to the world and how it is ok to be GREAT!

This program does not stop here. The students are required to complete one community service activity with JJ’s I’m Me Foundation. At the end of the year, we bring all of the students together for a big celebration and recognition.

The I’m Me Tour is a 7 week program for middle schools and high schools (50 girls per school) Each session offers the girls an opportunity to be exposed to a different high level careers as well as a sessions on the following topics:

I’m Beautiful

I’m Beautiful

Basic hygiene, skin care, self-esteem builders

In this class, girls have a conversation about self-image. We teach the girls that beauty that comes from within. Attendees receive tips on skincare and personal hygiene! Plus, hands-on demonstrations!

I’m Living The Good Life

I’m Living
The Good Life

Finding your passion, setting goals, vision boards

During this class, girls are encouraged to think about their goals and passions and how they can turn into careers! The girls create vision boards to take home so they can focus on their dreams and goal daily

I’m Fit and Fabulous

I’m Fit and Fabulous

Healthy eating, creating personal fitness goals, setting a routine for a healthy lifestyle

Our certified Personal Trainer gives the girls the scoop on better eating choices and the importance of nutrition. She provides the girls with an interactive fitness demonstration and samples of healthy eating.

I’m Classy

I’m Classy

An interactive session on proper etiquette, body language, attitude, confidence, social networking and more

This is our very special etiquette class. Attendees are given tips on first impressions and the “do’s and don’ts” of Social Media. They learn about acceptable behavior in the classroom, conflict resolution and more!

Sign Up for the Tour

You will need to select 4 consecutive Wed or Thurs dates and time (after school program only) Only a school counselor or administrator can reserve the dates.

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What Do The Students Have To Say About JJ’s I’m Me Tour?

  • 100% of attendees said JJ’s I’m Me Tour helped them to feel better about themselves
  • 100% of attendees said JJ’s I’m Me Tour encouraged them to do better in life
  • 100% of attendees rated JJ’s I”m Me Tour as GREAT
  • 100% of attendees want JJ’s I’m Me Tour to return to their school

What Does Administration Have To Say About JJ’s I’m Me Tour?

  • 100% of schools said JJ’s I’m Me Tour was professional and organized
  • 100% of schools felt they saw a difference in the behavior of the girls
  • 100% of schools want JJ’s I’m Me Tour to return


How can my daughter participate?

We do not select individual students. The I’m Me Tour attends both middle schools and high schools. Let your school know that you would love to have our tour at the school.

Do you attend elementary schools?

While we have attended elementary schools in the past, we have decided to put our focus on the middle school and high school girls.

Does it cost to attend?

It does not cost the student to attend however there is a program fee that is required of the school or after school program.

How are schools selected?

Schools are selected on first come first serve basis. Please have an administrator or school counselor email if interested

Do you do other programs other than JJ’s I’m Me Tour?

Yes. We team up with other organizations throughout the year to hold fun learning activities for teen girls. We are also in the early stages of planning our 2018 I’m Me Summer Camp.

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JJ’s I’m Me Foundation would love for you to become a community partner in the I’m Me Tour. The city-wide tour, which promotes the social and emotional development of young girls, is designed to encourage girls to assume a more active role in the community, as well as take ownership of achieving personal success. By becoming a tour sponsor, your company could become an integral part of building a better community.


Send a check to JJ’s I’m Me Foundation 501(c)(3) to support our I’m Me tour with a tax-deductible gift.


  • JJ’s I’m Me Foundation
  • PO Box 272862
  • Houston, TX 77277